Personalised digital

help sessions.

Frustrated with your computer, phone or website?

Or just want to learn how to use them better?

Step-by-step help in a language you understand.

We offer personal technology help sessions where we come to you, when it suits you.

We can help you with any technology problems you're having, whether it's your phone, computer or website.

Think of us as your personal technology assistants at your disposal for 45 minutes.

We can focus on whatever issues you're having and whatever you want to learn.

We understand that learning something new can take time, and our job is to support you in the process.

Each session includes a cheat sheet relevant to you and the issues we cover in your session, to help you remember how to do the things you have learned.

Just tell us where you need help and we can work together to grow your knowledge.

Take advantage of our introductory offer of 45 minutes for $50.

Don't worry if you don't know what the problem is, just tell us where you're having trouble.

Our job is to help you learn.

Learn how your computer and phone can enhance your life.

Personalised appointments available at your location.